Simplify Quantum Computations, Accelerate Innovation with WOLFGATES development environment.

Algorithm library

Utilize a suit of pre-built quantum-classical hybrid algorithms with higher-depth parameters optimized by the state-of-the-art classical optimizers.


Should I learn QPU programming? Why?

Quantum computing ecosystem will have deep impacts on our society, in myriads of ways, it will profoundly change our lives, Sooner Than You Think!

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Getting started

Let’s get started using Wolfgates! The first thing to do is choose how you’re going to run and install the packages.

Quantum Composer

Quantum Circuit Composer allows you to build, visualize, and implement quantum circuits on simulators or quantum hardware.

Quantum Algorithms

Wolfgates provides a suit of configurable Quantum Algorithms. Users can easily run various hybrid algorithms instances such as VQE and QAOA.

Quantum Applications

For various problems in Finance, Life Science and Optimization, Wolfgates provides ready-to-run components inside its framework.


We provide an overview of working with Wolfgates and its essential building blocks necessary to program quantum computers.

Recent Features

A list of key new features including multiple quantum hardware providers, including superconducting quantum computers.