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Reaching peak performance is vital to thriving in all areas of your enterprise. At QuantGates, we are committed to produce exceptional visions, returns and results for our clients and achieving peak performance. QuantGates as a software and consulting company provides solutions to computational intensive problems, using advanced algorithms and utilizing both classical methods and quantum computers.

Supreme Hornet

Supreme Hornet (SH) comes with a set of quantum solvers which enables users to obtain approximate solutions for large scale combinatorial optimization problems recasted in MAXCUT, MAXSAT and QUBOs.

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Key Machine Learning development services at QuantGates

At QuantGates, our custom machine learning solutions based on novel algorithms and techniques empower clients to achieve measurable business outcomes.

QuantGates Machine Learning Platform for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease characterized by progressive memory loss and cognitive impairment and as one of the neurodegenerative disease, estimated to affect about 16 million patients by 2050. Regular screening and early diagnosis are vital in maximizing treatment benefits and preserving neural functions. The current standard for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease has an invasive process in which introduces health risks to patients. Non-invasive brain imaging, such as positron emission tomography (PET) joint with structural MRI imaging, has been evaluated for accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. There are features associated with Alzheimer’s disease which are difficult to identify by human experts. Machine learning techniques are capable of recognizing such features. We at QuantGates are developing a fully automated machine learning platform to provide an effective and cost-efficient approach for Alzheimer’s disease screening and early diagnosis.

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