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Reaching peak performance is vital to thriving in all areas of your enterprise. At QuantGates, we are committed to produce exceptional visions, returns and results for our clients and achieving peak performance. QuantGates as a software and consulting company provides solutions to computational intensive problems, using advanced algorithms and utilizing both classical methods and quantum computers.

QuantGates has provided practical quantum computing training services to those from banking and professional services sectors such as Barclays and Accenture, top universities including Yale, Berkeley and Illinois and national laboratories such as National Energy Technology Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Supreme Hornet

Supreme Hornet (SH) comes with a set of quantum solvers which enables users to obtain approximate solutions for large scale combinatorial optimization problems recasted in MAXCUT, MAXSAT and QUBOs.

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Is your business quantum-ready?

Every industry leader should have a quantum computing department at work if wants to ensure its leadership position within the next decade. QuantGates helps its clients realize new business values through the application of quantum computing technologies, and deliver crystal clear roadmaps to assist them become quantum ready.

Practical Quantum Computing: Corporate Training Programs and Workshops

QUANTGATES offers hands-on training in Quantum Computing to solve real-world problems. Developers, data scientists, researchers, engineers, students and faculties can get practical experience powered by Quantum Computers.

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