QuantGates is a Quantum Computing Development Platform

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  • Focus on Quantum Solution Development rather than setting up Quantum development environments
  • Get access to QuantGates Collaborative Hub
  • Advanced developer workflows for Quantum Computing applications
  • Get access to advanced Quantum Computers
  • Receive Advanced Training /Consulting /Mentoring from Quantum Computing Experts
  • Get financing for your Quantum projects

Supreme Hornet

Supreme Hornet (SH) comes with a set of quantum solvers which enables users to obtain approximate solutions for large scale combinatorial optimization problems recasted in MAXCUT, MAXSAT and QUBOs.

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Integrated Access to QC Development Platform

QuantGates is providing access to its Quantum Computing Development Platform to companies and universities to work on quantum systems and test their code.

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Barclays          Accenture       Cambridge Quantum Computing         
101 Ways Limited           ITD Solutions       Kuwait University
Anabole      FEELTECH LTD        Nazarbayev University

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