Simplify Quantum Computations

The WOLFGATESTM combines the state-of-the-art algorithms and knowledge, to simplify quantum computations, paves the way for learning quantum and building quantum applications.

High-Level Representations for Quantum Computation.


Symbolic Quantum States

Transform between different quantum pictures and extract informative properties from quantum states.


Manipulate States, Operators and Circuits

Compute various decompositions, transformations, products and traces of quantum components.


Ready-to-Run Quantum Algorithms

use ready-to-run quantum algorithms gates to design and develop quantum circuits and applications.

Wolfgates Quantum Composer

Drag and drop to build, visualize, and run quantum circuits – no coding required.

Wolfgates Quantum Composer is a graphical quantum programming tool that lets you drag and drop operations to build and simulate quantum circuits and deploy them on real quantum computers.

Compute various distances (fidelity, relative von Neumann entropy, Hilbert–Schmidt, etc.) between quantum states. Determine the degree of entanglement between subsystems.

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Quantum Circuit Operator

Easily create circuits with multi-qubit quantum gates.

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Ready-to-run Quantum Oracles

Easily implement quantum algorithms with their oracles.

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Manipulate Operators and Circuits

Construct quantum operators by their matrix of components in a given basis and also generate their corresponding time evolution operators.

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Compute Distances and Entanglements

Compute various distances such as fidelity distance between quantum states, facilitate studying quantum teleportation.

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