QuantGates is a quantum computing company dedicated to delivery of quantum computing software and services. With efficiently developing quantum application development platform, capable of pursuing a broad range of quantum R&D with superlative user-oriented design, we are producing exceptional visions, returns and results for our clients.

QUANTGATES, Renaissance Computation At Work

QuantGates as a quantum computing software company, provides quantum solutions to computational intensive problems, with utilizing both classical and quantum computational paradigms. First released in 2021, Wolfgates is our original flagship product, combines the state-of-the-art algorithms and knowledge, to simplify quantum computations, pave the way for building quantum applications. QuantGates has provided practical quantum computing training services to those from banking and professional services sectors such as Barclays and Accenture, top universities including Yale, Berkeley and Illinois and national laboratories such as National Energy Technology Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Innovation, Impact and Business,Peak Performance

At QuantGates, we are committed to produce exceptional visions, returns and results for our clients and achieving peak performance.