QUANTGATES offers hands-on training in Quantum Computing to solve real-world problems. Developers, data scientists, researchers, engineers, students and faculties can get practical experience powered by Quantum Computers.

Practical Course: QPU Programming on D-Wave, IBM Q and Rigetti quantum systems

Workshop Participants

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101 Ways Limited           ITD Solutions          Anabole       

QPU Programming on D-Wave, IBM Q and Rigetti quantum systems

The course led by Prof. Nike Dattani. 

Nike Dattani is a scientist known for breaking the world-record for largest number factored on a quantum device in 2014 and then breaking it again in 2017.

This is a hands-on course for students, postdocs, academics and others who want to learn how to develop applications to run on Quantum Computers using the QG QPU programming environment.

Description of the course: Classroom training, Live online and On-site training

– Practical quantum computing: Introductory-level & Advanced-level
– How to program for the IBM Q (lecture + practical session)
– How to program for the D-Wave hardware (lecture + practical session)
– How to program for the Rigetti hardware (lecture + practical session)

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Course Contents:
Basic notions of Quantum Mechanics
Introduction to Quantum Computing
Quantum Gates and Quantum Circuits (Binary Quantum Gates)
Quantum Computation via Python and Qiskit
Practical Quantum Algorithm Design and Construction
Advanced Quantum Algorithm Implementations via Qiskit
Solving real world problems in diverse industries (Healthcare, Finance, etc ) via IBM’s quantum computers
Key Features:
Learn quantum computing through programming projects
Run and test your quantum programs with the integrated IBM Q
Use Qiskit to create, compile, and execute quantum computing programs

No background in quantum computing, or quantum physics necessary.
No physics background necessary.
We cover A to Z of Quantum Computing!