QUANTGATES offers hands-on training in Quantum Computing to solve real-world problems. Developers, data scientists, researchers, engineers, students and faculties can get practical experience powered by Quantum Computers.

Practical Course: QPU Programming on D-Wave, IBM Q and Rigetti quantum systems

Workshop Participants

Barclays          Accenture       Cambridge Quantum Computing          Kuwait University
101 Ways Limited           ITD Solutions          Anabole       

QPU Programming on D-Wave, IBM Q and Rigetti quantum systems

This is a hands-on course for students, postdocs, academics and others who want to learn how to develop applications to run on Quantum Computers using the QG QPU programming environment.

Quantum Computing-Applications in Bioinformatics

Quantum Computing Enterprise Training

In this practical and hands-on workshop, we shed light on the
most recent developments of promising quantum algorithms.
We analyze their structures and provide robust protocols on
recasting valuable problems such as protein folding on the
current quantum computers. QuantGates helps therapeutics
companies realize new business values through the application
of quantum computing technologies, and deliver crystal clear
roadmaps to assist them become quantum ready.

The primary goals of this training workshop:

> Protein Folding with IBM’s Quantum Computers
> DNA Alignment with IBM’s Quantum Computers
> Optimization Problems via Quantum Computers

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