Supreme Hornet: Renaissance Computation as a Service (RCaaS)

What is Supreme Hornet?

It is a peak performance software cloud solution, equipped full with unconventional algorithms, running on an integrated computational center composed of Quantum Processing Units (QPUs) + Quantum Annealers (QAs) + CPUs+ GPUs + FPGAs. Supreme Hornet is a practical cloud solution that solves large-scale optimization problems at high speed.

Quantum Research as a Service (QRaaS)

We deliver below fundamental scope of works on QRaaS

1. Install QC-Platform

We aim to install a Quantum Computing Platform along side the client’s current computing systems; In this regard we provide 4 sub-services as below:

  • Quantum Computing Opportunity study

QuantGates (QG) starts with a quantum computing opportunity study of the client’s current computing platform.

  • Problem Identification

Some of the more complex applications in a client’s technology can not be done via conventional computing hardware and require that we explore emerging computing platforms, including quantum computing. We identify the mentioned problems and complex applications and reformulate it into QC language.

  • QC-Run

QG currently utilizes Quantum Annealing Technology which is available commercially. We run computation on Adiabatic Quantum Computers.

  • QC-Delivery

We deliver Solutions+APIs+Insights

2. QC Vision+Strategy Package Delivery

Successful implementation of QC on the client’s technology requires correct vision and strategy. QG creates the client’s Quantum Computing unique vision plus strategy package. We shape and deliver QC-Vision by a possible Re-Definition of the client’s current technology in accordance with QC-Platform abilities. We create and deliver QC-Strategy by providing crystal-clear instructions to achieve aims of the Vision.

3. QC Education in QC-Lab

QG educates the client’s technical team on Quantum Computing concepts, technology, value and applications. The QG-QC Lab, hosted in QuantGates’s innovative environment, provides an inspiring and energetic workshop to the client’s technical and cross-functional team to uncover the huge impact of QC for the client’s business.

Who can benefit:


Manufacturing Process, Material science, Chemical Plant Design, Semiconductor Design


Risk modeling, Optimizing portfolios, Trading strategies, Asset pricing and hedging


Drug Discovery, Optimizing radiotherapy treatments, Creating protein models and Genome Sequencing


Airline scheduling, Mission planning and logistics, Flight operations planning, Ground handling operations


Energy exploration, Seismic survey optimization, Reservoir optimization


Autonomous vehicle ML, Vehicle route planning and optimization

Working with Partners

QuantGates works with its partners with flexible business models of Fee-for-Service, Full-time Employee (FTE) or Milestone-based.

CRO Business

We offer unique Renaissance Computation services ( RCaaS and QRaaS) to meet the diverse needs of drug development.

How Our Renaissance Computational Drug Discovery Services (RCADD) Can Help You?

Our computational drug design & discovery Services consists of below platforms:

HIT DISCOVERY: we give you proper molecular hits of compounds for your target via Virtual high throughput screening (vHTS) based on Supreme Hornet (SH) Technology.

LEAD OPTIMIZATION: Two approaches are used – structure based and ligand based