What is a combinatorial optimization problem?

A problem for finding the best configuration among an exponential number of possible candidates. With an increase in the problem size ( the total number of combinations ), it is practically impossible (limitations of classical computing) to observe every single combination and arrive at a fairly good solution.

Examples of combinatorial optimization problems

Portfolio optimization

Molecular design- drug discovery

Airline scheduling

Logistic optimization

What is the Supreme Hornet?

Supreme Hornet (SH) comes with a set of quantum solvers which enables users to obtain approximate solutions for large scale combinatorial optimization problems recasted in MAXCUT, MAXSAT and QUBOs.

Who can benefit:


Manufacturing Process, Material science, Chemical Plant Design, Semiconductor Design


Risk modeling, Optimizing portfolios, Trading strategies, Asset pricing and hedging


Drug Discovery, Optimizing radiotherapy treatments, Creating protein models and Genome Sequencing


Airline scheduling, Mission planning and logistics, Flight operations planning, Ground handling operations


Energy exploration, Seismic survey optimization, Reservoir optimization


Autonomous vehicle ML, Vehicle route planning and optimization