Getting Access to Quantum Computing Interactive Training Platform For Students

QuantGates is providing access to its Quantum Computing Interactive Training Platform for students in order to learn coding quantum computers.

Why Quantum Computing for secondary school students (KS4 and KS5) ?

Quantum computing will affect the future of every area of science, so the need for a quantum-fluent workforce is great. Teaching quantum computing to students at a younger age will have several advantages as they will learn to think completely differently, more so stick to logical approaches rather than intuition and informal thinking. It will enrich their resume by providing them an invaluable skill which is, the ability to code for quantum computers and not just classical ones.
This will pave the way in getting admissions to top universities as well as in the near future occupying the best jobs in Silicon Valley. Allowing them to be working on diverse hi-tech projects and utilizing their quantum computing skills to bring more business values.

What is included in this Premium package?

  • Training 100 Students
  • 3 Month Interactive Course and Asynchronous Training
  • 4 Live Sessions
  • Technical Support

Format: virtually over Canvas and Zoom and include 4 live sessions and 3 Month Asynchronous Training.

Syllabus – What students will learn from this course:

  1. Basic notions of Quantum Mechanics
  2. Introduction to Quantum Computing
  3. Quantum Gates and Quantum Circuits (Binary Quantum Gates)
  4. Quantum Computation via Python and Qiskit
  5. Quantum Algorithm Design and Construction
  6. Quantum Algorithm Implementations on IBM’s quantum computers

Key Features:

  • Interactive Training Platform
  • Teaching Quantum computations with Python, and Qiskit
  • Teaching several useful and promising quantum algorithms
  • Access to visual quantum programming frameworks
  • Access to simulate large quantum programs (up to 30 qubits) for all students
  • Scheduled live, interactive online sessions led by an experienced practitioner
  • Staff Training and Technical Support
  • Bespoke SECONDARY teacher training and 1-to-1 support from quantum-computing experts
  • Certificate of Completion
  • No prior quantum or coding knowledge is required
  • We cover A to Z of Quantum Computing

Course Assessments:

All students will receive grades on weekly comprehension questions and quizzes, discussion activities, a final assignment, and participation.

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