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Our Vision

There are many complex computing problems that can’t be addressed by conventional systems even by utilizing of today’s supercomputers. We believe we will need a renaissance in the computation industry. A new scheme governed by quantum theory has the potential to help solve these complex hi-valued problems. We are here to accelerate that Renaissance.

About QuantGates

QuantGates is a quantum computing company dedicated to producing exceptional visions, returns and results for its clients by strictly adhering to Advanced QC methods.

A leadership team with experience in business, fundamental science and Hi-technology.

Behzad Mansouri, CEO

Behzad Mansouri

Mansouri joined QuantGates in 2019, leading the company through its transition from R&D into the leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing technologies. Prior to this, Mr.Mansouri served as the Chief Executive Officer at Alvand Helium where he and his staff were responsible for cryogenics technology infrastructure. He holds an MSc degree from King's College London in Mathematics (Theoretical Physics).

Prof.Belal Ehsan Baaquie

Prof.Baaquie holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, Cornell University (1976). He received his training in theoretical physics at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Cornell University, New York, specialising in quantum field theory. He later developed an interest in finance and economics, and started applying quantum mathematics to these fields. He has written three books on quantum finance: Quantum Field Theory for Economics and Finance (Cambridge, 2018), Interest Rates and Coupon Bonds in Quantum Finance (Cambridge, 2009) and Quantum Finance (Cambridge, 2007) in addition to several other books focusing on topics from quantum mechanics and mathematics to books on the leading ideas in science. Baaquie joined QuantGates at our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) in 2019.

Prof. Nike Dattani

Prof.Nike Dattani, CTO

Dr. Nike Dattani is a scientist known for breaking the world-record for largest number factored on a quantum device in 2014 and then breaking it again in 2017. He is an academic grandson of Stephen Hawking and a degree 5 descendant of Niels Bohr. Due to publications with Oliver Riordan and Lila Kari, he has an Erdos number of 3, in two different ways. Dattani joined QuantGates as CTO in 2019.

Tina Sadeghi

Tina Sadeghi

Tina brings nearly ten years of marketing and communications experience in the Hi-technology and software industries.Tina has a LLB from London Metropolitan University.

Ehsan Hatami

Ehsan is a technical leader with years of experience in leading and implementing green-field projects and transforming legacy application to modern architecture in various industrial sectors such as Finance, Aviation and Automotive. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Kings College London and achieved his master degree in Software Engineering from Oxford University. He has worked with various programming languages, and hence he has a deep understanding of software architecture and enterprise approach to provide solution design for the projects. In addition to his current role, he is also Director at Hecate Technologies Limited, which provides software consultancy and software services, to small and medium businesses.